Draw High Poker

Draw High poker is a game that consists of only two betting rounds: one prior to the draw and the second following the draw. After the first betting rounds players may choose to replace some or all of their initial cards with new cards from the deck.

Draw High poker sets a limit on the bets; the betting limit in the second round is double the limit of the first round. Players joining a Draw High poker game need to place antes. A button is used to determine the dealers position.

How to play

The hand and the draws:

  • A hand is compiled of five cards.
  • A player is allowed to draw from the deck up to four cards at a time.
  • If a player wishes to draw from the deck five cards, and replace all his initial cards, he can draw four cards and then after all the other players finish drawing their cards he can draw a fifth card. If he happens to be the last player in the round, then after the four cards are dealt the dealer “burns” a card, and then gives him the fifth card.
  • A player may decide to change the number of cards he requested to draw providing two things. First, that the other players haven’t made an action which was based on the initial number of cards he asked for. Second, that no card was dealt off the deck following the request. This includes the card that the dealer “burns”.
  • After an action has taken place, a player which holds less than a five cards can draw cards to complete a full hand.
  • If after the draw a player does not have exactly five cards, his hand is disqualified.
  • A card that has been reveled will not be given out in a draw.

Placing the bets:

  • When there are multi-hands playing a Draw High game, there is a maximum of one bet and four raises.
  • An “opener” is a player who makes the first voluntary bet in a round. In some Draw High tables, in order to be the opener a player needs to have in his hand a pair of Jacks or a higher poker ranking set of cards.
  • After the draw the opener is the first to place a bet. If the opener decides to drop out of that hand, the person sitting on his left will open the second round of bets.
  • The players around the table have the options of checking, opening for the minimum or opening with a raise.
  • Check-raise can be made prior to the draw and also after it.
  • If a player’s chips are sufficient only for paying the ante, he may play for only that sum. If none of the other players opens and another ante is declared, that player can still stay in the game, without having to add more money.

Other miscellaneous rules:

  • If a player wishes to join a game he needs to pay the ante. If there is forfeited money in the pot he will need to wait until that money is taken and only then can he join.
  • Changing a seat between hands is forbidden if it is a game with forfeited money or a game with multiple antes.
  • A player can ask another player or the dealer what number of cards did that player draw. However, if an action has already taken place they do not have to give him an answer. If no action has taken place yet, they must answer.
  • If a player raps on the table, it is understood either that he wishes to pass or that he has a “pat hand” and does not want to draw any more cards. If a player with a pat hand who rapped the table did not notice that the pot had been raised, he is not disqualified and may continue playing that hand.

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