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Tips on starting to play online poker; all the need to have and need to know information

Tips on starting to play online poker; all the need to have and need to know information

The rules of poker stay the same whether you are playing a live poker game in a casino or against a random person on the internet.  There are some differences when you play online; the games come with less risk because you can play for smaller amounts.  Online games tend to be faster and you can find a game anytime and anywhere you are.

The requirements for playing online are very minimal.  Online poker is not very taxing on the computer system.  Nowadays you can even play on the go, on a Smartphone, iPhone or iPad.

Where to find the need to know information on Playing Online Poker

You do not need a lot of money to start playing.  You can actually start out by playing a free play-money game.  But first things first:

The first step should be downloading Online Poker software.  The software is small and will not take long to download.  You can now create your user account.  There will be age checks, so make sure about the minimum legal age in your country.

Poker books can give you a good understanding of poker fundamentals and can speed up your education towards playing poker.  There are plenty of great poker books if you prefer the old fashioned way of learning.

Good Beginner Poker Strategy and info are fortunately freely available online, too.  You can start with simple information such as the ABC of poker.  Later on, you can also find the more advanced information.

Training Sites can become very expensive when you subscribe to the elite sites, but there are sites offering online strategy which is free.

Beginner tables can be found on most Online Poker sites.  These are highly recommended for beginners.  It has a relatively slow pace.

Photo Courtesy of https://visual.ly/community/infographic/gaming/poker-hands

Every poker site has different unique features.  Finding the perfect site for yourself you need to search around a bit before deciding.  Almost all poker sites offer sign-up bonuses to entice new players.  Find the site with the best bonus or the site that offers special perks.


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