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About Us

Online Poker is the game of Poker being played over the Internet.  Because of the ease of accessing the Internet in our modern world, an increase in Poker players worldwide is experienced.  Also taking into account that traditional casinos might be intimidating to novice players and are often located in disparate locations, they find it easier to join an Online Poker Room.

Online venues are also dramatically cheaper with their, ‘rake’, or time charge because they have much lower overhead costs to deal with.  For most traditional casinos it is not profitable to have a Poker Room.  They make more money through slot machines, and often remove their poker rooms in order to add more slot machines.

About Online Poker is a website where you can learn all about online poker.  Our website features a wealth of information to help you learn and understand all the “must know” facts of playing online poker.  You will find poker guides to teach you all the rules of any chosen poker game.  This website also gives tips and strategies to online poker players.

Whether you are a novice or an expert Online Poker Player, you will find all the information you might need with us.  We have it all.