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A Guide to Online Poker Etiquette:  7 Ways to keeping it Fun and Practice Perfect Poker Etiquette

A Guide to Online Poker Etiquette:  7 Ways to keeping it Fun and Practice Perfect Poker Etiquette

Even though sitting behind a computer screen while playing Online Poker, it does not give you the right to do whatever you want and act horribly.  There are a few things to take in consideration before sitting down at an Online Poker table.

Things to Consider before you play your next Online Poker Game

Common courtesy is expected from every player, even Online.  Most of the etiquette rules involve speech.  Online conversations are done via the chat box.

  1. Do not curse or use profanities. This is a big no-no.  Words that are not offensive at home can often be very offensive online.  Be careful what you say.
  2. Sexist talk is also unacceptable online. Even if all the opponents are using men’s names, you cannot know for sure that all are men.
  3. Online you might be playing against opponents of literally anywhere in the world. Online casinos insist on English only in the chat box.  When you write in any other language they might think you are cheating, keeping conference with other players in the game.
  4. Do not talk about a poker hand that you are not in. Do not give advice to another player regarding the hand that he is playing. Do not give an indication of the hand you folded.
  5. Pay attention. Online Poker is much faster than live poker and players expect you to know when it is your turn to play.
  6. Do not slowroll your opponent. Slowrolling involves taking your time to call an opponent.  This is often considered taunting.
  7. Keep your cool. Nobody wants to play with a player who had a run of bad luck or making poor decisions the whole time.

If an opponent does not behave well, you can leave the game.  You should also report the player to the online casino.  You can see this as the Golden Rule whenever you play Poker online.  Players can be banned if behaving badly.  Do not hesitate to bring discrepancies to the attention of the online casino.


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